Organization and precision

Cheese wheels stored in our buildings are registered and monitored using special software managed by skilled personnel. This allows us to have a complete and constant view both of their entry and exit dates, and any possible internal movement. Thanks to warehouses’ digitalization, we are able to better organize product logistics and movements. On customer request, we prepare goods for shipment in Italy and abroad. In this case, we place cheese wheels on special pallets, which are then fixed and packed with shrink wrap material. We also issue warehouse receipts for products in stock.

We have been the first company to employ induction machinery for marking cheese, which is always carried out by Consortium experts. We weigh each incoming and outgoing pallet through both external and internal computerized weighing systems. Our administrative team is responsible for notifying customers of any significant event related to their cheese ripening process.

The importance of effective preparation

Grana-type cheese, and in particular Parmigiano Reggiano DOP and Grana Padano DOP, is increasingly in demand both in Italy and abroad. For this reason, we are committed to organizing and placing goods in a functional way to quickly meet market demands.

Our goal is to support trade operations to satisfy customers and buyers’ needs. Before shipping products, our warehouse manager personally checks the conditions of each single cheese wheel and means of transport.

Digitization and logistics

The use of computerized systems and special software for warehouse management enables us to streamline our business processes, making them smoother. Besides, our virtual archive facilitates the processing of both outgoing and incoming orders.

In addition, our warehouse digitalization has enabled effective communication between our staff members. In this way, we have improved internal cooperation, a pillar of our business.


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